pc蛋蛋论坛: Italy designer amazed by opportunities SZ presents

Writer: Kang Wei  | Editor: Vincent Lin  | From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated: 2019-09-09

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Giorgia Lo Piccolo

Giorgia Lo Piccolo followed her business partner to Shenzhen from the Middle East in 2010, thinking that her stay in the city would be just another “short stint” before moving on.

Things didn’t turn out the way the Italian co-founder of an interior design company had anticipated. Nearly 10 years on, Lo Piccolo is still working and living in Shenzhen with her husband and two children, feeling content and satisfied. In her spare time, she helps the Italian community in the city as a volunteer through a website she co-founded (www.vivishenzhen.com).

“I will probably stay here for another 10 to 20 years,” she said.

There are multiple reasons why she loves the city. The green areas, convenient public transport, good lifestyle and quality food are all contributing factors. Also, the highly efficient express delivery services are definitely a plus. Last but not least, the immense business opportunities in the city are a big draw.

“We have a lot of opportunities here in Shenzhen,” said Lo Piccolo. “It is much more interesting and challenging than in Italy.”

Over the years, Lo Piccolo said, they have been asked to design many different things, ranging from shopping malls, museums and exhibition booths to the facade of a department store.

As a co-founder who is responsible for the company’s client relationships and marketing, Lo Piccolo is in a good position to understand what their clients want. “They are looking for something different and unique, or a combination of Italian and Chinese styles.”

Sometimes, a new project will be waiting before the previous one is finished, due to word of mouth. “If you do a good job, people trust you,” Lo Piccolo said.

Their clients sometimes ask them to work with feng shui masters. Lo Piccolo said she has never had any problems working with the masters.

“Tradition is to be honored,” she said. “Feng shui is a logical thing. I read a couple of books about it and learned that the positions of furniture in a room can affect your daily life, and the flow of the qi affects your life and health.”

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